Monday, 14 November 2011

2 more flowers to go

which I can hopefully do this morning, and then time to assemble, and
make a box, and hopefully a step by step vid.

Although I have limited time this morning, as I have to take Lyd to the
hospital for a scan ..... it's in the ante-natel department - hope
nobody thinks my 13 year old is pregnant - maybe I'll mkae a sign that
announces "not a slut" to hang around her neck!!!

A random statement: I AM IN LOVE WITH MY WHITE POSCA PEN - we didn't
get on at all well in the beginning, but loving it now - to be fair to
it, it was my lack of incompetence that was the problem.

Right, I'm going to finish my brekkie and get some admin done ... laters



1 comment:

Cazzy said...

Don't you mean lack of competence, or maybe you don't! lol.