Thursday, 3 November 2011

In the Counting House with Large Marge

What's on my desk this foggy but deceptively warm morning ...... after a 5 mile walk with the Hound of Ightham Common .... we have some artwork that I've been messing with based on our new Counting House Large Marge Number stamps (which should be out at the weekend.

They are perfect for journalling, and I've been doodling on them.

Poor Toodles-Lou is poorly sick today .... so not much will done as I need to stay with hailing distance to get drinks, apply wet flannels and dispense general TLC. So am treating myself to watching a bit of the
mad but oh so endearing Kathy (Paper Phenomenon) .... seriously if you want discussions about Schweaty Balls, Boners (which for the uninitiated is a bone folder a la HSN blooper and pole dancing whilst crafting head on over there.

Happy crafting.


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