Sunday, 13 November 2011

It 5:45 am ...why on earth am I crafting?

I admit it ... I couldn't sleep ....... I think probably because when we
went to bed after Midnight I wasn't really tired, but just going with
the flow .... I made a good old attempt at the whole sleep thing ....
but it has pretty much eluded me!!

So nothing for it but to get up and craft I thought .... since 4.15 I've
done at least 3 more sides to the Everlasting Mini -- I suspect it's
thus called because it takes an everlasting amount of time to get all
the basic matting done heh!!

Still push on ... only 4 more signatures after this one I'm working on.

Happy crafting.


1 comment:

Minxy said...

inI can't think of a better thing to be doing if you can't sleep! Just have fun x