Thursday, 10 November 2011

A lot 'O tape

This morning, as Lydia would say I have a ....."lot 'o tape" .... she's a
junior Miranda!!!!

Three different sizes of score-tape showed up this morning, and I've
also got some free embellies from a magazine ... most of what came is no
good to me, but I fished out the useful stuff and things like the
stamps, die cuts and papers will go off to my godchildren to play with.

I've been busy working on some new background stamps this morning, and
changing the Counting House Large Marge letter plate around a bit, which
hopefully will be okay now and we can go ahead and get the plate made -
I have to admit that it's quite nice to have that facility now so I can
make prototypes first rather than just have a one off plate made.

Having walked the Hound of Ightham common I'm going to get down to a bit
more drawing .... I'm currently working on a nice pear!!!

Happy crafting


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