Thursday, 3 November 2011

Martha Score Board + card and super instructions =

Super quick assembly of pages for mini album, I have never made the base so quickly, even allowing for screw up like:

  • cutting wrong fold
  • sticking down the wrong bit
  • scoring along wrong line

all pretty much a la norm for me, factoring in preparing, cooking, eating and cleaning away dinner, it took me in total of 2 hours to get it all prepared and stuck.

Can I just say though, I bought some spare red line tape from Hobby Craft on Sunday, bust it open this afternoon .... and it's all gone ......... mmm, now I know who long a reel of red line (Woodware's own
brand or score-pal make) lasts me, and it's a seriously long time ... this must have been a mean amount of tape on it .... I ran out before the last page!!!

How annoying is that - seriously, what's more annoying is that we've run out at Stamp Galaxy as I need to do a new wholesale order, and I could have picked up a roll of Score-pal tape at Oyster today ....... URGH!!!

Oh well, don't panic and carry out .... I used some other double-sided (but it's not the best stick). I'm not going out again tomorrow so will have to make do until ours arrives and double it up with some glue stick.
Tomorrow is going to be matting pages, ready for the Friday class of binding this puppy.

Happy crafting.



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