Monday, 7 November 2011

This picture looks reasonably tidy doesn't it ...

but actually, there is quite a bit of mess sitting just under my paper

We did get a trial plate done yesterday - actually it was just a plate,
but I decided that there were a couple of elements that needed to be
tweaked a bit, so I'll work on it later day and maybe prepare the
negative tomorrow, and then make the plate on Wednesday if all goes
well. That will mean that I can then probably make the matrix on
Thursday and press a few - I will just have to see how the week goes.

It's busy, busy with orders and stock ordering for the rest of the day I
think. Toodles is back at school, so I've the bus run to do later as
well as fill up the car and do the inevitable post office trip - as you
can see there's never a dull moment around here.

I also need to score some score-pal tape (or equivalent) and some more
photo glue, this mini has busted right through my supplies.

Good news on one front though, Guy got my ATG working for me .... seems
dumb ol' me hadn't threaded it round the runners properly - no wonder is
was ripping so much. I also have no ATG take left so need to get my
hands on another role or two of that. Plus order my Rotatrim M15 and
the Big Shot Pro - will my lists ever get any smaller I wonder?

Off to walk the Hound of Ightham Common in a mo ... laters peeps and
happy crafting.




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