Thursday, 1 December 2011

Minus 10 days and counting til I get my paws on Jonnie

oh, yes just 10 days to go til I get to take him out of his box
............ thanks for the comments yesterday .... unfortunately I was
disappointed that nobody was willing to kidnap Jon Richardson and wrap
him up for my birthday in sparkles .... so am having to content myself
with Jonie BSP, but then again he's probably far better at crafting than
the actual JR (more tolerant of the mess I make!!!).

As if I haven't got enough to do, I've been given the job of painting
this basket --- it's to store the oil bottles in the kitchen, but is
just such a blah colour ... so it will probably just be PA Snowflake
instead .... or perhaps a dark mulberry if I have the right colour to
match the curtains.

Still not the best today, but have been quite good and am working on
this month's admin.

Happy Thursday.


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