Friday, 2 December 2011

Minus 9 days and counting down

til I get to open that very large, and very enticing box!! I'm getting
giddy as a goat on a mountain top waiting to get my hands on Jonnie.

This morning, I've mostly been doing admin (can I just say I hate my
Accountant, soz Jamie!!, he has just pointed out in the nicest possible
way that I SHOULD have done purchase orders and purchase invoices for
quite a lot of stuff, and so I'm having to go back over 8 months worth
and input them .... hot diggidy dog that sucks). I was being so good
about keeping on top of it all too.

The basket from yesterday has had one coat of Snowflake, and will
probably get another in a moment, but I don't think I'll paint the
inside as I like the contrast.

Thank Crunchie it's Friday ..... I am feeling poorly sick.



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