Monday, 26 December 2011

There is only one problem with this Xmas gift ....

I don't have enough room .......... LOL!

Seriously, I've so far re-jigged, taken down my pasta machine and moved
stuff around, and I'm still struggling to find the room for it.

Tomorrow's job will be trying to find something other than the Cinch
upon which to balance the webcam, thus freeing up a few more inches, and
then hopefully it will fit along the back edge. Other than that I will
have to find room for the paper storage on wheels, and move a load of
boxes to have it sitting along the edge.

On a happier note it cuts really straight lines, and also down to tiny
slivers off things ........ I LOVE IT!!!! Thanks Guy.

Kay xx

STOP PRESS:  just popped over to Neil's blog, and seen the very thing on his desk - I need that angle poise lamp..... somewhere I have a stripy jumper and a bag marked SWAG!!

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