Wednesday, 11 January 2012

It's all just laying there for me to consider

Nothing like a nice long walk in the Kentish Countryside to kick start a
bit of mojo .... at least that's what I kept telling myself as I took
the dog for 5 miles this morning. I am now beyond tired and aching.

The orchards should be called "Vinegar Alley" at the moment, lots
apples laying around for the birdies to nosh on, but the smell of cider
vinegar hangs in the air ... it's quite pleasant in a funny kind of way
... or maybe I'm a bit odd.

I've just broken out some product, and laid it on the front of the mini
so that I can shift it around a bit, but a least that's way better than
just the spring chipboard kicking around.

I like it more than I did, but still something is missing - the flowers
are a bit white so possibly some light watercolour on them and
irridescent medium, or maybe just the medium on its own.

Am I going down the right track?



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