Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Super-dooper-easy beaded flower centre

Okay, so I had a bit of fireline left over from making Rani flower
centres the other day, and whipped up a quick 4mm and seed bead flower
centre in about 10 seconds flat ---- it looks really sweet in the middle
of a white hydrangea petal with a bling in the middle.

So easy to make take 5 4mm faux glass pearls, 5 seed beads (I used white) a small piece of Fireline Beaded Thread in Crystal about (6 inches long will make a couple of them) and a Big Eyed Needle ... I have dreadful eyesight that I need one, or it takes me about a year to thread a normal beading needle.

Thread the first seed bead on the needle, then go back through the bead again in the opposite direction and pull tight, then start threading on 4mm pearl and a seed bead until you use them all up ... go back through the line of beads in the opposite direction, and then go through what started out as the first seed bead and pearl to form a circle - I then go through another seed bead and create a loop, which I then thread my needle through to make a knot and pull very tight .... cut off the Fireline short and burn it with a lighter or pass through a candle to singe the end to seal.  Hey presto a small beaded circle that took seconds and looks lovely in the middle of a flower.


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