Thursday, 23 February 2012

What a difference a day makes .... I'm late for WOYWW

As you know, it's hectic around here as we are ......... or were, but
kind of still am ........moving. If that doesn't make sense don't worry
it will be clearer as the weeks move on!!

We lost our buyer, but have another couple of offers on the table, but they
are not in such a good situation as the 3 chain we had been in....still that's life.

We're also busy around here because we are doing the Sevenoaks Wedding
Fair at the Stag Theatre (Plazza Suite) on 26th February ... gulp just a
few days away - click HERE to check it out.

Plus we've joined a new venture called the Village Craft Cafe, which is
a monthly crafty get together in the Borough Green Village Hall, with
crafts, cupcakes and coffee to eat and enjoy, craft demonstrations, plus
shopping opportunities. Going forward it is planned that this will be
once a month - details can be found by clicking HERE.

We're taking lots of bridal bits and pieces to the Wedding Fair, as well
as a little make and take project for any brides that want to have fun
making their own invites etc.

Lots of crafting goodies and demos to the Village Craft Cafe ... it would be
lovely to see anyone that can
pop along to say I will be doing make and takes plus a demo
there as well.
Despite the fact that it's been so busy, I have found a little time to
play around for just me with these fabbie flower centres (thank Rach for
mentioning the YouTube video for them).

As you can see the two attempts so far vary a lot .... not over
complicated to do ... but the Fireline is the thing that makes it look
better - rather than the white thread. I could only get hold of Smoke
Fireline, but have organised some Crystal for next week.

I am planning to make a couple more and use them on some display pieces
... might even do a make a take with them at the Borough Green Village
Craft Cafe on 10th March.

Hopefully, I can also find some time to pop over to Fair Queen Julia to
check out the WOYWWers for this week.



Helen said...

better late than never and hope everything works out for the move soon! sounds like you have enough to keep you busy anyhow!

May said...

I do hope everything works out soon with the move, you sound a very busy bee, Have a good week, Hugs May x x said...

I'm later than you. :) It gets hectic with a move. Looking great though!
heather 168

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I cannot believe how busy you are, while trying to move. I think the second bead decoration looks so much better than the first. Glad you made it here this week, though. I'm #9.

Julia Dunnit said...

Cor Kay, where do you find the time!!! Good luck with the wedding fair, I'm sure your ideas will be really popular. I like the beady centres...even the big one is cool, imagine it in crystal colours on a white flower, oh la la!
Keeping my fingers crossed over the house chain....

Catie Cuddles said...

Cute flower and good luck with the move!