Wednesday, 1 February 2012

WOYWW - When is Spring's ETA?

'cos I'm blooming freezing .... and I don't like it - I am a simply a
warm Spring kind of girl ..... the weather is warm enough to leave off
my vest, but not too warm that I have to take off my cardigan!

I'm sorry, but not too much has been happening around here .... all
hedging has ground to a halt as we are having to urgently house hunt for
a new house (looks like we might be going under off any day) - it's not
an easy task and I find it unbelievable that viewing 2 houses yesterday
took most of the day - it doesn't help that we are planning on moving to
East Sussex and so have a longish drive to get there. More viewings on
Friday, an entire day of them in fact, but we think we've got one of the
short list from yesterday.

Any hoo, I expect you don't want to hear about my troubles ....... as
you can see the tags have moved on a wee bit, just got 4 more to go.
I need to hop off to Fair Queen Julia's to see the vastly more
interesting desks than mine, won't you join in?

Jugs of Hugs



Minxy said...

Hay Kay, boy do i wish it was spring..but OH informed me that were maybe heading back into an ice age...I hope where ever it was he heard that he heard wrong.. i hate the frickin cold lol
like the nice spring samples on your desk.
Good luck with the house hunt x
Happy Wednesday
Minxy x

Gabrielle said...

It is blummin' freezing isn't it?! Good luck with the house hunting - I'm still getting over our last one and that was 5.5 years ago! But then the Estate Agent did insist on point out EVERY radiator in EVERY room in EVERY house we visited! Odd how he didn't notice the cracks, half decorated rooms and lack of any of the requirements we had!!! Thanks for sharing x

L00py's Craft Creations said...

lovely creative area, xx Happy WOYWW hun, hoping to get to post on blogs this week, as it didnt let me last week!!

Lou P

Karen said...

I too wish it was Spring, its freezing here, literally!! Good luck with the house hunting.

Have a fab WOYWW and a great week, Karen #108

Julia Dunnit said...

Gawd Kay, do nothing by halves, huh! I hope you don't have to buy in too much haste, but I'm very glad to hear that Under Offer is on the table...result. I gotta have me that a patient woman (!!).

Danielle said...

Wishing it was spring her also. Even though I live in the South, I don't tolerate any cold well.

Good luck looking for a house! Danielle #22

Lou said...

Good luck with house hunting, hope you have a great week Lou @#26

May said...

Lovely cards on your desk, I know when we moved from London to East Sussex, it was a pain trying to view houses, good luck on your adventure, Hugs May x x x

Kim Dellow said...

Seconded! Roll on Spring. Good luck with the house hunting, hope you find what you are looking for. Kim

okienurse said...

oh my i don't envy you having to pack up and move! Add the long drive to it and it isn't fun for you! I don't like cold either and so far this winter in Oklahoma has been relatively pleasant and hopefully the worse is behind us. I am offering up some blog candy so come leave a comment on my blog and get a chance to win! Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Vickie #90

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I love those colour combinations, yellow and pale green against the lilac - unexpected but lovely! Very Spring-like!
Good luck with the house hunting :)
Hugs, LLJ #68 xx

Brenda B said...

Hopefully that good news about the house being under offer and I hope you are able to find something suitable too. I wish it was Spring too, can't come soon enough!

Brenda 115

sandee said...

Good luck on the house hunting and it's spring like weather over here ;) waving hi from the hills of NC :)

scrappymo! said...

hope your house hunting goes smoothly...not sure how far it is that you are moving but sounds like a long way!

Sheena said...

I'm with you - I like it not too hot, but not too cold!
I'm working my way through this weeks WOYWW - not even half way through yet!