Wednesday, 7 March 2012

More Beading on this cold WOYWW

Good morning WOYWWers,

Sorry I haven't been around much recently, there just seems so much going on all the time - I have had zero chance to craft really.

The only thing I have achieved this week is this practice piece of even count peyote stitch .... I am totally into beads and beading as the craft de jour!!!!

I bought a bead magazine yesterday - I have to admit just because of the pretty picture on the front ... YES, I am suggestible .... and in it there was a beautiful beaded ring.  Well, Toodles has recently purchased a full on Sweet Lolita Dress from Japan (she's gone from tom boy to girly girl in one leap), so I decided I would have a go at making the ring.

That's where Problem Number One sprang up .... "carry on using Even Count Peyote Stitch" .... what the *&*(?

Sooooooooooo YouTube being my friend I watched a few videos and had a go watching Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Last Night.

Things I have discovered:
  • It is really easy to get confused and twist your work the wrong way ... thus going off in the wrong direction and making the end really raggy at the beginning.
  • It's really easty to get confused at any time - twist your - work and go off in the wrong direction.
  • How to add on more thread - it takes a lot.
  • When doing two colours, it's easy to add the wrong colour and then spend half an hour trying to unpick it, unravel the thread and carry one.
  • You need wayyyyyyyy more thread than you would think
  • Lastly, thank goodness for Big Eyed Needles - although taking it back to the shop to complain because there is no "EYE" only to be shown that you pull it apart and that most of the middle is in actual fact the "EYE" is really a shamefaced moment!!!!!!
I have to carry on with this bracelet ........ I will not unpick it again ............ the ragged bit is where it will fasten underneath anyway, and I am sure I can disguise it somehow.

Hopefully it will be a quiet day today (Toodles have a really sore throat and fever, so no School and the Hound of Ightham Common cut his pad on a walk with Daddy last night, and is now doing a fantastic impression of Limpfoot Christie - no walkies for him).  Therefore, beading for me and hopefully some play time with Polymer Clay as my bead roller, baking rack and some Pardo Clay should arrive today .... happy mail, don't you just love it.

I'm also determined to find time to go to Fair Queen Julia's Crafty Kingdom and check out all the WOYWW desks.

Happy Wednesday.




Neil said...

Hi there, trying to squeeze in as many visits as I can so just a quick visit today! Thanks for letting us in to see your world today!
Neil #19

jude said...

Nice to see you good luck with the beading.Have fab Woyww and creative week ahead
hugs judex 9

Trish Latimer said...

rather you than me with the peyote.....have thrown rather a lot of peyote projects across the desk before now because it got to complicated!!!! Looking good! Trish #64

May said...

Nice to have you back, lots of beading to be done!! Have a great WOYWW hugs May x x x

Karen said...

Nice to see you back on WOYWW, have fun with your beading :)

Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Luv Karen xx


I admire anyone that can work with all of these small beads. I guess that is where they get the term beady eyed. lol looking forward to see what will be finished.

Hop on over for my give away.

Ashley Rock said...

Great beading colors, love to see the finished project!

Julie said...

Love the colors you chose for your beading project!! Thanks for sharing!

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Kay,

I used to do beadwork, lots of peyote in the round, to make amulet necklaces. To start that I would take a toliet paper cylinder (or paper tow cylinder)and cut it so that you can adjust the size of the cylinder. It's always easier to start using a guide -- less chance of your work twisting on you. Once you have several rows (or how many make you feel comfortable) you take it off the cylinder and keep going. I can't remember if this was odd or even count. As for flat peyote I don't have much experience with it. Your project looks great though! I actually did a post about my beadwork :

Thanks for your visit earlier today!


CraftygasheadZo said...

I envy any beader, I just can't get my hands to work with the beads to create. Yours look fab, keep going am sure it'll be stunning in the end. Take care & enjoy this WOYWW, I know it's Thursday but it takes ages to snoop around everyone! I do it in shifts! Lol Zo xx60

sandra de said...

I can only imagine how embarrasing it was to take the needle back he.he.he. But we live and learn. Beautiful bead work.

Debs Willis said...

Hi kay, your comment about the eyeless needle cracked me up, hope Toodles and doggie friend feel better soon

Debs #104

ps - don;t know if it's intentional ,but you stil have word verification thingy going

Julia Dunnit said...

Good grief Kay, I assumed you were mired in domestic and business stuff for the next few months or so, am very surprised to see you here..and delighted of course!! The beading thing has phased me by,am just not patient enough. Your line about the end being ragged at the beginning...sums it all up for me!