Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Put 'em on the rack, that's what I say

So, my order arrived eventually: three packs of Pardo, which i have
never used before; a bead rack; some spare pins, and a bead roller.
This is what I've been playing with this afternoon. It only took one
ball each of Blue Zircon, Green Calcite and Fossil Wood plus about a bar
and a bit of Silver Fimo to make these.
They are inspired by a demo on C&C last week using the (and forgive me
if I'm wrong about this) Makumagami not correct - I will look it up.
Where you cut even pieces of each of the three colours (or more I
supose), stack them and the roll in a stamp for some texture and then
shave bits off with the flexible blade. Roll out a bead (silver) and
then add the bits on top of the bead, roll to ensure no air bubbles and
make the hole.
Not perfect examples ... but SUCH FUN, and I don't think it will take
too much time to get the hang of it.
I'm loving the beachcomber look of these colours.
Happy what is left of Wednesday.

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