Thursday, 22 March 2012 the owl ... sorry, it's addictive

ha, got lots of people singing that now .... it will be my ring tone today.

More slashing and burning for me later, but just waiting for the courier to arrive with my new phone and a book that I'm expecting.  So as not to waste time I'm tidying my studio .... now, I am pretty well organised but I am still amazed just how many scrunched up mail bags and cello bags I've found that are really not good enough to be used (who wants to get an order in a scrunched up bag after all?!).

I am soooooooooo tired, must have walked miles up and down the farm pushing a wheelbarrow - it looks flat, but actually it's a steady incline that leaves one puffing at the top.

The to do list today after the deliveries are:

  • to clear out the Wendy House 
  • make a start on the back of the old Farm Shop, which we call the rat hole ... never seen a rat in there, but it's a ramshackle affair that looks like it might have at the very least a vole lurking in it.
  • get a price for a large skip
  • get a price for a large digger
  • not to forget to pick up Toodles from the bus stop
  • get the Rubbah Elf to do more organising of tools etc.
  • wash off the bike rack and put in the to shift to new place pile

The replacement shower was done yesterday ... I have to admit that it grieves me to spend best part of £1,000 on something I will get to use for about 4 weeks, but it broke and therefore had to be replaced.  Pretty much the same for the digger and skip costs .... my father collected rubble for "hardcore" - fair enough when you live on a farm .... but seriously Dad, that much?  There is no way I am moving it by hand into the skip so a digger is required.

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