Wednesday, 21 March 2012

WOYWW - just a bit jewellery

As we've so much to do before we move ... the only remotely crafty thing
I have been doing is this.

Actually, made for me ... but Toodles has laid claim to it. I just used
some of the lovely pale green glass beads I bought the other day and
paired them with silver daisy spacers and cheaper pink acrylic beads.

It was really only a practice piece, but I do like it - I shall treat
myself to some more expensive beads and do a similar one.

It's about treating myself this morning as I bought my iphone at last
.... no reason that I hadn't got one before, just that I didn't give it
a lot of thought ... but as I fancy a new ringtone (Rotate your Owl,
much to Toodles disgust) I thought it would be nice to have a new phone
- I have my Blackberry Pearl for about 4 years ... as you can probably
gather from that statement, I am not a phone snob!!

More slashing and burning stuff around here today....and probably a good
many days thereafter. The good news though is that we are getting
through 20 years of accumulated sh&*.

I need to try and find a few small minutes to pop to Fair Queen Julia's
for some WOYWW entertainment today - hopefully I will see you there.


Julia Dunnit said...

Dammit, couldnt get sound..will have to go over to YT and work out why Toodles is disgusted...the video made me LOL!
Well done Kay, a thousand well dones. Moving and clearing the 20 years is a tough job. I would helpo, but I'm unable to get out of the house because of my 20 years worth!

Helen said...

Good luck with the decluttering - even if enforced by the move!
Helen 21

SophieNewton said...

Lovely bracelet, the brands are gorgeous x
Sophie no.88

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Smart to declutter BEFORE you move. Somehow I never get that right and do it AFTER I've moved it but well, I suppose as long as it is done. I love your bracelet. The colors make me happy. After you and Toodles get tired of it you can pass it my way. Happy WOYWW. Judy #134

ScrappnBee said...

LOL! I love that video! Will have to show the kids when they get home from school! The bracelet is great too. That is the best/worst about moving...the purging...Good luck! -Amanda 57

CraftygasheadZo said...

Fab bracelet, hope the de-clutter goes well. Hmm not sure about that owl! Thanks for sharing for this WOYWW, I'm nosing my way through the list! Take care Zo xx 22

Peggy Cain said...

Wednesday’s sure do come around quick! Trying again to make “All” the rounds. great looking bracelet!! Have a great day!

Redanne said...

It is a great bracelet, so well done. Loved the video, it is so funny. Best of luck with the de-clutter......Anne #66

Lisa-Jane said...

Its a wonderful bracelet - I'm scared to try making something like this because it might produce another addiction! Good luck with the slashing and burning ;-) #77

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

At first I was having a terrible time leaving comments on blogs last night. They didn't want to post. NOW I get "service unavailable when I try to leave a comment. It's really frustrating. I see others having trouble with MY link, too.

I was unable to get sound on your vid, either. Glad to know the self imposed cutting and slashing is going well. Happy WOYWW from # 7.

trisha too said...

Well that's a pretty bit of jewelry!


kay said...

good luck with the move,love your bracelet,x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

All together now...
Ro ro ro rotate the owl!!LOL
Fab video, it made me hoot (sorry...)
Love the colours of the beads, berrylicious. I just can't let myself get involved in beading, it would be a slippery slope into me sitting surrounded by heaps of glitteriness, muttering My Precious......
Hugs, LLJ ~68 xx

Sandy said...

LOL at the owl... Goodluck with the move :)