Monday, 16 April 2012

Non-WOYWW .... what's on my desk

Just a corner of project 2 for Creative Stamper .... you can't see too
much of what is going on!!!

Nearly finished with this one - and two more to do then normal service
----- apart from the moving bit ---- can resume.

We are waiting for a telephone call for our buyer's valuer to come round
today ... I am not sure why it has taken them so long bearing in mind we
should have exchanged contracts at the end of last week (the whole thing
is totally frustrating as we accepted their offer on the strict
understanding that they could move quickly .... so far they seem to be
doing anything but, I'm beginning to smell a trail of BS about 2 foot
high left trailing along)........ I will not stress, I WILL NOT STRESS.

Any way back later with a quick show and tell on the un-picked (for the
fourth time) peyote stitch toggle. Hopefully this time it won't be too big.

Happy Monday peeps.


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