Sunday, 15 April 2012

Project 2 - the bottom half ....

I thought I would just pop and in and show you the bottom half of
Project 2 .... that is all you will be able to see until it's published

Basically, it's a small 3/4" deep box with sliding drawer that's the
base for an easel card .... made from brown cardstock, with a matt of
Pink Metallic card, then the edge is trimmed with pink frilled lace and
3mm iridescent pearl trim.

I will try and pop back later to show you the basics of Projects 3 and 4
and am so sorry that I am badly neglecting my blog ... as you know we
are due to move shortly and the whole legal, packing and sodding around
bit is taking all of my time. Basically, we've been plunged head first
into limbo ... and it is not a good state to be in.

Hugs for now

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