Saturday, 21 April 2012

Sweet Lolita Lou

Big excitement in this house for Toodles this morning, as she was just getting her make up on and wearing her red Lolita dress when her wig turned up from Japan.  So nothing for it but to wear that as well.

It's so odd seeing her with blonde hair!

She got equal measure of looks good and odd in Tunbridge Wells, but good for her that she ploughs her own furrow and doesn't just resort to the typical chav uniform that so many of them wear.




Julia Dunnit said...

Wel good for her, she looks ace..Miss Dunnit most impressed too. Odd looks are odd in themselves -after all, Toodles is clean and polite and dressed beautifully, even suddenly blonde, you must be very proud!

jan said...

Tell Miss Toodles that I think she looks fabulous and if I were her age again, would most prob join her in her gorgeous style.

Hugs and Love from Jan xxx