Friday, 18 May 2012

Ace Ventura is on his way

well, that's not strictly true .... Ace the Kiln is on his way from Kilncare, along with the necessary to have a go at Lampworking from Tuffnells Glass.

He'll have a bead door apparently, and is a lovely ultramarine blue .... almost purple!!

This evening I'm off to meet a cyber friend for a peek at her set up for lampworking, and as soon as the equipment arrives I should be good to go.

Once any beads are done I think I will batch anneal to start with ... particularly because reading all the info on the who firing malarkey will mean Ace and I will just stare each other down for a good few weeks!!!!  Then I will get the Rubbah Elf to work out how to do it, and train me over many patient (on his part) and painful months.

I don't think the actual lampworking will be that hard - I'm a crafter after all - but they could well be famous last words LOL!!

Happy Friday everyone ... roll on Gin O'Clock.



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