Thursday, 24 May 2012

Ace....Ace .... baby

has just turned up and been unpacked.  Although I can't go and settle him in at the moment as I've hurt my knee   and can't stand up/move stuff around to fit in him place - so the test firing will have to wait.

My lampworking stuff is now M.I.A. - it seems that somebody forgot to despatch it .... but, on the bright side it will be here tomorrow!

Yesterday before I beggared my knee I managed to go through and pack up some stuff into boxes so that I'll have some room to work with the torch.

Can I just say that I have astounded (and disgusted too) that I have spent just quite that much money on crafty stuff I HAD TO ... MOST DEFINITELY HAD TO HAVE AT THAT MOMENT IN TIME ... and have then never bloody used.  Me bad!!!!

No school run me I'm off to rest the injured old bones.

Laters, and happy Thursday all.



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