Thursday, 31 May 2012

Hot Chic ... common baby light my fire

some girls just like it hot ... and I'm one of them ........ playing with fire is my new thang.

Or it would be, if the MAPP gas didn't keep freezing, which sound a contradiction of terms in this weather!  As you will well know by now, I am a techno retard, but will try to explain.

MAPP gas is a small cannister, and due to its size the expansion of the gas causes it to freeze (I think that is how it goes, but you might like to check the facts, or correct me, either would be fine).  The flame gets smaller and smaller and then goes out.  The only way around this is warm up the tank and start again.  Difficult as if you are part way through a bead if it goes cold, you can't just heat up that bead again ....... how do I know? I tried it shattered sending glass flying - not good, not good at all.

Having chatted it through with the girls it seems that the only way around this is really to go to bulk gas, i.e. a larger propane cannister which bulk gas hook up pipes etc.  I did discuss with Guy the merits of just buying bulk at my initial purchase last week (I won't sling blame around, but...........suffice to say I promised to obey when I married him, and I had a good shot at just using MAPP ....darling, you are not getting another word in on this subject!!!).

After managing the entire sum of 5 stringers this morning before another freeze, I caved and have ordered the bulk kit, which is on express to me tonight.  Just as well I wasn't going for another bead.

Here is the only bead that managed to be made without my fire going out yesterday:

it's actually pretty round.  The only slight issue is it's a bit sharp on one tiny bit by the hole ... I need to have a go with the diamond tip to see if I can sort that out.  Made with Effetre (104) opaque in:

91228 Opaque Dark Sky Blue
and light Sky Blue for which I don't have the code just now
591024 Dark Green Grass transparent stringer

The other two efforts - a part formed round bead and a almost perfect barrel bead are sitting discarded on my workbench - do I just anneal them anyway and put them aside to be tumbled or break them off the mandrel and put them in the scrap glass bin.

For some strange reason I can pull a really straight, and thin stringer ... not sure how that can be as I am usually rubbish at stuff like that ... I can also manage "cat whiskers", which are essential very fine strands.  These I am putting aside as there is one advantage to having a torch and that is playing with fire and enamel on metal and cat whiskers are used for further decoration (so watch this space for me to start doing that too).  I'd also like to do a twistie, which is taking two different colours fusing them and them pulling and twisting in opposite directions at the same time so it looks like a candy cane.

Normal paper crafting may be resumed at some point soon, but just for now I am a having tons of fun playing with fire.

Happy Friday Chicas.



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