Monday, 28 May 2012

In case you wonder what I've been doing

look I made a stringer:

Now I know that that is probably not very impressive, but it's a bit like my first born ...... the first time I've melted glass, the first time I have grabbed said molten glass and the first time I have pulled that molten glass to make a thin (actually very thin) bit of glass to do decorating with.

Obviously I haven't made a bead to decorate yet ... but hey .... I made a stringer!!!  Without burning myself, anybody else, the shedio down or blowing s^&* up.  I realise that it's not the most tidy bit of lampwork ever, but I can work on that.

Actually, it's been a nightmare with one thing after another going wrong:
  • They lost my order, or at least had it but forgot to process it.
  • My kiln is a new model out, and I had to wait a week for it to arrive - still it arrived before my equipment did.
  • Then I had to clear space in the shedio to make room for a temporary workbench and a kiln.
  • Try to make head or tail of the instructions for Ace Ace Baby and fail.
  • Today saw the battle of the jubilee clip, I won at the cost of my dignity.
  • The expert to idiot convo with Lee and James at Kilncare - the starring role of idiot played by yours truly.  Turns out that the instructions were a bit mis-leading and it was an easy mistake to make ... and no, I didn't need to destroy the pre-sets programs to trial fire as it had already been done for me before it left them .... these guys are just wonderful - if you ever need a kiln they should be your first stop.
  • Then I couldn't get the torch alight - again, at the cost of my dignity it was my fault and I had cross-threaded it.
  • Finally put flame to gas and melted my rod of glass - it looks way easier when you watch somebody like the lovely Laura Sparling do it - that blob of glass literally has a mind of its own.
Tomorrow I will try to wind a bead - so stay out of the general Sevenoaks area people.

(For my info Effetre (104)

591024 Dark Green Grass)



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