Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Please Mr Postman .....

or rather lovely Postlady Sandra .... deliver a letter for me, preferably my DVD on lampworking.

Tapping fingers on desk ... no point in showing you WOYWW ... as there is zilch, zero, nada, noffink there to see ... still just the same as last week.  No creativity for me.

Oh, apart from some lampworking info - I'm off to see a lovely lady (Lantana) on Friday, who has kindly offered to show me her set up - crafty people are so friendly and helpful.

This morning I have mostly just taken the Hound of Ightham Common for a walk ... and got thoroughly soaked in the Rape (Oil Seed people, honestly!!).  I am now going to indulge in a bit of cleaning whilst watching day time TV and then get ready to hop over to the local calor gas shop for some bits and pieces, pick up Toodles and head off to Tonbridge after school for her dentist appointment (unnatural girl actual loves going to see her Dentist ... he is quite scrummy though!).

Happy WOYWW over at Fair Queen Julia's.




Darla said...

Here's hoping your parcel arrives soon! #100

Neet said...

Well, hope Postman Pat and his little black cat come soon Kay. Or even your post lady!
Hugs, Neet #11 xx

butlersabroad said...

I'll sit and wait with you shall I? Tap, tap, tap, tap.... etc!!!

Brenda 110

ScrappnBee said...

Love your Postman pic. LOL! We are convinced that our post to Afganistan is being handled by mail monkeys...who jump on packages and hold them for days for no reason. Have a great WOYWW! -Amanda x 89

kay said...

well did the postie turn up??
have a fab woyww
kay #22

Miriam said...

Hope your dvd arrived.

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Someone who likes to go to the dentist? Highly unnatural if you ask me! Actually, if I had someone else to fund those trips I wouldn't mind. It is the amount of money they want for things I find most painful. I hope your DVD arrived. I hope you had fun with your crafty friend.

Julia Dunnit said...

Because I'm late, I've met Ace too - my word, you dont try anything out by halves, do you!! Love the get him to learn it first technique...something employed here to considerably good effect.
Any news with the house?

Queen Of Toys said...

Nothing today, but I am late and noticed the new item on your desk the KILN what a fab toy to play with. Postman Pat is awesome for bringing mail like that......

Happy crafting
Eliza #19