Sunday, 10 June 2012

2 beads a bracelet do not make

although it's close if I add in additional beads that are not lampworked.

As you can see from the picture I broke two other ones, one larger focal bead (which I hated anyway, and another of the pink ones.  The lemon-shaped issue has got a little better, but is still there, so I have asked for advice about this - it could be a I will need a lesson to find out what I am doing wrong, or something as simple as the bead spanner will work .... will have to wait and see - I will keep you posted.

The two blue beads were just experiments (one is a bigger size), although Lou likes them and wants some more for a bracelet as well.

So I don't forget the pink ones were made using the Grigio Perla (91268-05) I bought the other day, with transparent green (need to find the number to add in for that one) and then swirled.  The lovely effect with the Grigion Perla is that when I placed it back in the flame I also got some Raspberry colour swirling from it.

The Blue is 232 turquoise and some red stringer just melted and squiggled on and then melted in flush.  The smaller blue is just transparent blue (again, I need to add the number).

Even given the fact that beads break on my, and they are taking a long time, I am loving this new hobby - especially now my freezing gas issues are behind me now I am all bulked up with gas ~sounds painful~.

Working very close to a naked flame is not too bad when you get used to it .... but mental note to self .... the shorter a glass rod is the more heat it retains ... think about that girlie next time you pick one up with tweezers.

More torch time for me in a bit, but first the Sunday Roast to prepare.

Happy Sunday.




Lisa said...

Hey Kay, just wanted to say thank you for my WOYWW stamps, from the 3rd anniversary swap. They came yesterday and I love them. Thank you so very much. Lisa :)

Laura said...

Have you heard of Rebecca Weddell? She gives lessons in lampworking and not only is she brilliant at the torch, she is also lovely.
Have fun playing, I am very envious!