Wednesday, 13 June 2012

At the morning Staff Meeting

Russell took the decision to have a bit of retail therapy and bought his Mama:

Effetre Opaque Ivory (591264)

Effetre Opaque White (59104)

Effetre Opaque Turquoise (591232)

Effetre Clear (591004)

Reichenbach Black

Frit - Heathcliffe Blend

Oxford Grey Enamel (Thompson)

Dark Coffee Enamel (Thompson)

Dark Orchid Enamel (Thompson)

Effetre Goldstone Ribbons

and a 6mm graphite rod for shaping purposes

what a lovely boy he is .... and how proud his Mama is of him!!!

Right, I'm off to shower (I fell in a puddle of gloopy mud on our walk) and then burn glass.

Happy Wednesday.


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