Saturday, 30 June 2012

Cheeky Cherub Designs Frit and Murrini arrived

I bought the Santa Baby blend from Kaz at Cheeky Cherub Designs, and she also popped me a lovely blue blend in the envie too.

I'm looking forward to playing with them, but sadly it will have to wait as we are starting phase 3 of the move (phase 2 packing the studio has mostly been done) and now it's on to the shop and some of the house.

Last then will be the glass and Henry Hothead and the machines.

I also received my pack of copper ... wire unfortuately (I thought the package was suspiciously small to contain Prince Harry), and they will have to be consigned to the "play with this later" bin.

The only thing that I will be keeping out .... I am after all a girl who can't do nothing ..... is my Kindle.

Happy Saturday.



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