Monday, 18 June 2012

A day well spent ....

with a lovely walk with the Hound of Ightham Common, where we spotted:

the makings of my very favourite non-alcoholic drink .... Elderflower!

I then spent a bit of time having a go at a twisty:

and I'm actually quite pleased with this one - it's a bit like a narwhal's horn ... thiner at one end with tighter twisting, but all in all not a bad first attempt (made with clear, turquoise and dark green glass).

Then I had a go at a couple more green beads with red stringer, and then some ivory and Heathcliffe Fit:

granted not the best picture in the world, but I was working quickly and in full sunlight to take a picture before it went in the bubbles - can't wait to get them off the mandrel later.

I had much more success today with spinning glass.  It might be early days to say I've bracked the lemon-shaped issue, but it was better.  A couple of things I am learning:

  • glass needs to be hot, hot, hot with a decent gather
  • Henry Hothead does have a sweet spot ... but it is far above and to the left of where I'd assumed it was.
  • Wind it on properly and neatly, be patient and turn at a consistent pace, and you will be rewarded with the glass spreading out to make a doughnut shape.  I took the advice of one of the girls from Frit Happens Forum and when I took out of the flame lined the mandrel up with the doors on the shedio .... I am now going to call that place the Glass Onion ..... and cool whilst spinning before the bubbles.
  • It may look easy, it's not ... but practice will win through eventually.
Happy Monday peeps.



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