Monday, 25 June 2012

First ever wrapped loop on a reject lemon-shaped bead

which is not as easy as you would think.  I had terrible difficulty dealing with the little end bit of wire, but there again my cutters aren't the best.  I think I could do with a pair of side cutters for this operation.

Actually, photographing beads is jolly difficult as well, you get all kinds of highlights and reflections from the surface.  I may have to dig out the phototent from the box.

I am still awaiting the Drain Man ... who was supposed to commeth on Friday or Saturday and didn't have the courtesy to call ... I sincerely hope he turns up today as it's one of the things holding up exchange of contracts (unfortunately I have no control over giving him a kicking as I am not employing him to do the job!).

Apart from that today, I am walking the dog, doing paperwork and then having the afternoon off as I don't have either the School run or the dinner to worry about.  I think I will snuggle down with a good book - of course, the minute I open the book the Drain Man will decide to commeth and spoil it I'm sure.

Happy Monday.



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