Thursday, 14 June 2012

Fresh baked beads from yesterday

Torch time yesterday gave me these ... unfortunately, the larger two tone one broke when I pulled it off the mandrel (I had a feeling it might as I have rather over-worked it, basically it started off as a smaller one, went horribly wrong and got bigger).  

The others on the whole are quite nice ... some top holes better than others - but improving I would say overall.  The new bead release may, or may not, be a contributing factor they seem to come off easier than the other stuff .... on the other hand it could be that I making a better fist of them.  Oh I rue the day when I uttered the words "how hard can it be?"!

Actually, I don't think it's so much hard as just needs practice, practice, practice .. I will conquer glass .... I WILL, I WILL, I WILL!  (Helen, yes they are made of glass).

I think the colour of these is either handmade Verde or Rame with some dark green string swirlled/dotted around them.  I will check the colour when I go over there this morning.  Although it will be a bit later on as I have to wait around the house for the glass order to turn up.  Bloomin addictive this lampworking - probably worse them paper addition.

I will fill in time here cleaning up my mandrels and dipping them ready for more play time and hopefully I will put the kiln on tonight.

Speaking of the kiln, I think I need to be brave and put it onto garaging program when I start on the torch and stop just doing batch work.  Just need to be a bit braver for that though.

Happy Thursday.



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