Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Nothing to see here ...

move along please ... unless of course you just want to look at pretty pictures of glass colours.

Today I bought the following:

 - Rose Scuro (91256-05) - stripe me expensive this one was!

 - Verde Erba (91216-05)

 - Handmade Verde Rame (91219)

 - Grigio Perla (91268-05)

 - Rosa D'Angelo (91261-05)

 - Rosso (91076-05)

  - Celeste Scuro (91232-05)

 - Bluino Chiaro (91052-05)

I also bought some Uroboros Frit 96 in Deep Aqua, but can't find a picture of it.  Oh and some 2mm and 3mm Mandrels, Bead Release and a Rod Rest.

With a nice amount of rods in each of these, I should be able to get some sets done now.



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