Monday, 11 June 2012

When the Office Junior goes bad ..........

he takes off for a paddle in the local stream instead of answering the phone:

Meanwhile .... back at the office .... I've taken my batch of beads out of the kiln.  Sadly, two didn't make it and broke apart in there.  So down to 1 good bead for my bracelet!

Hopefully of making more today, and my even try garaging them .... i.e. making them and parking them with the kiln of a cycle that keeps them hot and then anneals at the end of the cycle - not sure if I'm that brave yet.

I've had lots of helpful suggestions about my lemon-shaped at one end problem, including the "tuning fork" method, whereby I make the bead let gravity do it's best and then place the mandrel upright on my workbench and tap downwards to pull the glass into the required shape (I'm worried that it will affect my ok end, but may try it as I need to do something).

Happy Monday and Happy Birthday to number 1 son who is 24 today .... makes me feel old.

Laters peeps.



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