Wednesday, 6 June 2012

WOYWW - Bulk Gas is go

as you can see my bulk gas set up has been connected, and I even managed two beads on Saturday ....

only time for two as the rest of the extended weekend was used to watch the Diamond Jubilee ..... I am happy to admit that we just chilled out in front of the log burner (that cold even in June) and watched anything Jubilee related we could get our hands on ...... what a fabulous time, and how wonderful our Queen looked.  We certainly know how to put on a show in this Kingdom.

I've just cleaned up the beads and taken them off the mandrel - it was quite easy this time, as it seems the better you make the bead the easier it is to get off ......

sorry about the photo, it seems that glass beads are one of the hardest things to take a decent picture of because of the light (that's my excuse!).

I'm happy to report that these ones are more uniform, one is slightly smaller as I used the smaller hole in the bead press - which, incidentally, works a treat.  Although I was watching a girl on Youtube last night use and and she does it a little differently .... so I will try her method and see if that works out a little better ... basically, I have one nice dipped in rounded hole on each, and the other end is a little lemon-shaped on each .... so her method should resolve that.  For those interested here is Lori using her round press:

I am loving this Light Turquoise Effectre (104) 591232 is the code, but as I only got 1 rod of each colour I need more to be able to complete a bracelet project - so I may head off to Creative Glass at Rochester to track some down.  The rest of the decoration was just various colour stringers that I had hanging around on my workstation.  I spent the rest of the torch time I had on Saturday pulling a stringer in every single colour of rod I had, and now I have a pretty little bucket for random use.

One thing I am learning is you use up more than you think, so each time a project is started it is best to pull more stringer than you estimate you need .... as you can't stop in the middle of a bead to make more.

Sorry to be so boring about glass, it's just endlessly fascinating .... I am not sure when I will be back on paper as most of it's packed up!

If you want more paper based products, and seeing as it is Wednesday .... why not pop over to Fair Queen Julia's for a look at all the inspiring desks at WOYWW.

Happy Wednesday.




france papillon said...

it may not be paper, but it is interesting. those beads look gorgeous and don't seem simple at all to make!
have a happy week,
france #71 xx

nerllybird said...

Wow, that's fascinating, not at all bored! Wish I could see it in action, I might have to track down something on Youtube as well!
Helen S #77

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...



Sarn xxx

Redanne said...

It's not boring at all, quite fascinating really. Beautiful beads too. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #24

kay said...

well i am impressed with what you are making
have a fab crafty week
kay #52

CraftygasheadZo said...

Such a fab post, pretty beads. Take care my WOYWW friend. Zo xx 65

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I am so impressed with your beads! That is some undertaking to make them. I'm still convinced I'd have the house up in flames if I tried. Good luck with hunting down more turquoise. It is fabulous in the beads you've shown here.

Queen Of Toys said...

You have some pretty beads there and hey they are perfect, don't under estimate the beads or the creator. Love the colors you have used too. Oh and I was really interested in your post I was not bored at all.

Happy Crafting
Eliza #50

Angela Crandall said...

Glass work has always fascinated me! Fire and pretty things...great combo. :) Thanks for sharing! I look forward to stopping by again to see what you're creating!

Happy WOYWW!

Angi ♥#73

505whimsygirl said...

Very cool beads!!! This desk hopping is definitely heavy on the paper crafts but I think all of us appreciate crafts of all kinds! And who knows, there may be one among us that have always thought of making beads and you'll be their inspiration!!!

Kay #114

SophieNewton said...

Gorgeous beads, very impressed. Happy WOYWW!

Sarah said...

the beads look wonderful - and I think probably far too addictive. Great video too! Enjoy your week, Sarah at 11.

laurie said...

oh my gosh what beautiful work , the beads are beautiful, wow, this is amazing!

Lisa said...

I think it's fascinating!!! Gorgeous beads, just lovely work. Sorry I'm a day late in getting round this week. Thanks for sharing your workspace!!

Lisa Sparkle :)

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Those beads are gorgeous, just like little planets! And they're my favourite colours too.. The bracelet will look fabulous when you're finished!
HUgs, LLJ #70 xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Not boring Kay, but pretty fascinating. I missed the bit about what a stringer actually is though, so am goign to imagine a loooong piece of melted glass. I think youre brave actually, the gas part would make my hands tremble! The beads look utterly gorgeous from here - problem is see, no-one surely, will mind a lemon shaped opening??!!