Monday, 24 September 2012

Not quite sure about my new pre-drink nibbles

Cheese & Pineapple .... or are they beads?

Even more to the point, why have I been sticking beads on cocktail sticks?

Well, to use them as drying forms for beads caps that I'm about to make, silly!!!

I had a slight issue with them dropping down a bit too far, but have just kept hiking them back up flush and they pretty much seem to be staying put now.

All my lovely torch and jewellery making things arrived today, but we've had one or too issues with connectivity keep dropping out upstairs in the office, and I had to take some time to take out this afternoon to take our beautiful, but ancient, pussy cat Felix to the vets to be put to sleep (sadly he had major kidney failure and catzheimers had also stepped in ... it really was the kindest thing to do .... just awful to have to deal with it though.

Back tomorrow hopefully with more bits and bobs.



1 comment:

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh am so sorry to read this. You did the right thing. But it won't stop you missing her, huh. Meanwhile...beaded caps on those little beads....clearly while you we're moving, you banged your head and got a need to do really fiddle and patient!!!