Friday, 28 September 2012

Rather than being shut off down a tiny corridor

I had a turn around and moved the desks back to back, with the printer off to one side ... my better way to work and it has given me more space, plus my Big Shot Pro has his own desk too.

This room is the only one in the whole house that hasn't been renovated, but it's not too bad all things considered.

Today has been all about getting paperwork done so far, and then a health check with the Nurse.  This afternoon is going to be all about a nice talk on "How to Deal with your Teenager" - this one we have now is fine, but the one before was quite frankly a bit of a pain - and then New Parent Meetings with House Mistress, House Tutor and Subject Tutors.... then it's Exeat which means no school tomorrow.

Once the meetings are out of the way Lou and I will be off to the Range in Eastbourne to see about scoring some more plaster bandage for her latest model ... they stock it according to their website, so fingers crossed ... otherwise we will have a long trip to Tunbridge Wells tomorrow early on to get it, which will spoil the not having to get up because it's Exeat!!!

I then want to play with my goodies that came in the week ... I feel the need for some fire in my life.  Oh, and talking of fire, where the hell is my new kiln?

Happy crafting



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