Sunday, 14 October 2012

A Big Day for me today ...

... well, comparatively speaking in little world!!

Yesterday we fired up Mercury the Magnificent and did his first test/initial firing with just the batt washed furniture inside.  He's currently cooling down, and we've reached 35 degrees.  So today I plan to do my first bisque (biscuit) firing.

I am using a low-fire earthenware clay, which has a maximum fire of 1050 degrees, but as I have to glaze it and the glazes I have a range of 1000 to 1250 temperature, I am planning on firing him thus:

100 degree / per hour to 600 for first ramp
600 to 900 degrees at the controllers liking
a very short soak of 5 minutes
and then cooling

all this with just the bottom shelf.

I am the firs to admit that I did pottery at school .......... which was many, many, many years ago and I can't remember scratch about it, I haven't had any lessons, and so am therefore relying on my own natural ability/cunning to suck it and see, the manual and some research.  I could, of course, wait until the purveyor of clay opens tomorrow and ring them.  In reality we all know I will just take a deep breath, hold it and press the buttons, and then keep on holding it until I open the kiln.  I will no doubt have reached fever pitch by that time and be a bag of buzzing nerves, and getting on everyones nerves to boot ..... that is the way I roll.  Don't feel sorry for them they are used to it by now.

Fingers crossed for me, and laters peeps.

Happy Sunday.



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