Tuesday, 9 October 2012

All mememem today

or at least, Lydia, Lydia, Lydia.  Here's she is trying on her new fluffy Jerkin for fit, which as made by Grandma for her) - apparently it needs to have ears (don't ask)!

In the background is one of my lovely new sofas', they are so beautiful and so comfortable.  It's a shame to room looks so bare, but we are waiting for the Plantation Shutters to be fitted and need to find suitable pictures, rugs, lampshades and better wall lights, etc.

I did find a darling owl (and yes, I have moaned about those little feathered idiots before when they kept me awake for weeks' on end), but he was so sweet I just couldn't resist.

I'm off to my studio for some of the day (or at least until I need to take Rob to Hailsham) ... I'm gonna be playing with clay and trying to work on the 3rd lot of circles for UK STampers swap.

Happy Tuesday peeps.



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