Sunday, 21 October 2012

First piece of PMC Copper

I was refining my first piece of PMC Copper last night, and snapped off first one of the points, and then the other ... I had two strong options at that point (a) throw it in the unfired scrap copper pot or (b) carry on and fire it any way and throw it in the scrap fired copper pot.  There was a third option, which was to mend it, but I haven't got any paste at the moment (and couldn't be bothered to make any that late into the evening).

I went with option (b) as I haven't dealt with PMC Copper before (actually Sarah Jane my Tutor at Sussex Jewellery School told me the other day that it was much easier to break than its silver counterpart) I decided to carry on and fire it by way of my torch - just to test how long to fire, and that I could indeed get it to Sinter (I am no technical genius, but I believe this is the process where all the practicals of metal in the clay melt and adhere together to form a solid metal object).

As it was a little larger than I would have fired with PMC Silver I decided that a good 10 minutes should see me OK.  It worked it appears to have sintered - I need to polish it.  I probably should stuff it in some pickle too, but in real life it has more of a shine that my low-light level/photography skills can pick up.

On the whole, I know that I can torch fire if I need to, although in reality it is much easier to stuff it in the kiln with Activated Cocoa and a Stainless Steel Bowl with a lid to get the same effect than standing there in the dark for 10 minutes torch firing.

What do I do with this piece of copper now?  Throw it in the scrap fired copper pot to sell for scrap at some point when it has more in it ..... I am sure that there will be quite a few items joining it as I go along. LOL!

I am currently waiting for the kiln to cool down enough to have a look at what the Glaze Gods gave me last night, so Happy Sunday for now.



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Lottie said...

I think that this will make a very nice pendant once it finished.

You could drill holes in the flat sections that broke off, and add a ring and a bead or something at the bottom, and ditto at the top, and add it to a thong or a chain, even add more beads in sections - it's brilliant far too good to scrap!