Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Gone all Glaze Crazy - WOYWW

they look really pale, but these have been underglazed with Sunset Red (which comes out very orange) and Sparkly Brown (which has little bits of silver in).  If not for the research that I done into ceramics so far, I would really have had a panic attach about how pale it all is ... but my brain is saying "don't worry, it will be bright" - I hope its bloomin' right!!

A few ,more underglazed beads and a little pumpkin charm drying.  The rock beads are painted Turquoise with some of the sparkle brown rubbed on and some a plain Turquoise.  The charm is painted Wine red and black.  Olive oil in the background is there because of the copper metal clay I was playing with on Monday.

This is my nice new bead rack, unfortunately the rods that came with it are a little too thick for the stuff I'm glazing ready to fire ... but that's not such a big problem as they are the same (I pray) as the mandrels I use for lampworking and I had some thinner ones that I can use.  The little brown bottle is Mother of Pearl Overglaze (once fired you add a coat and fire again, and you should get a beautiful lustre.  The lock'n'store boxes you can see behind are for all my PMC - I have it labelled up Silver, Copper and Bronze, with smaller boxes for unfired scrap for each (which I can re-constitute) and fired scrap (which will be traded in at some point), again, one for each of the clays.

If you want to see some really interesting desks, why not go to our Fair Queen Julia's and have a snoop around the Kingdom.




kay said...

your desk is so interesting and different,look forward to seeing the pumpkins finished
have a fab woyww
kay #53

Sue said...

So interesting to see a different technique..wishing you the results that you desire!

KatzElbows said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you on the glazes. Can't wait to see that little pumpkin charm when it's finished. Good luck and happy WOYWW.

cheers, rachel #64

Sunshine Girl said...

Oooh these look fabulous and such fun to do - I would love to have a go but am desperately trying not to cave in and find new hobbies at the moment! I am sure the colours will fabulous so hang in there! Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl no. 57

House of Bears said...

Those pumpkins look like such fun. I hope you get the desired result with them.

The bears @#105

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Those are so cute!
What a fun project!!
Mary Jo #115

trisha too said...

These look fabulous, Kay, what a fun project!!!

#137 this week

Nicky said...

Wow love your work and look forward to seeing the finished pumpkins - thanks for sharing have a good week - Nicky ~49

scrappymo! said...

Will be watching for you next week to see the progress on this cute little things!!!l

Cameron said...

Oooo, fun to see a beading crafty place and what all is needed to create these lovely bits!

butterfly said...

This desk is completely fascinating to me, as it's so far from what I do - but I love ceramics. The pumpkins look so cute - love to see how the glazes turn out! Off to have a little browse round some more of your blog! Belated happy WOYWW!
Alison x

Nan G said...

wow!! hand made beads!!! wow! i'm in awe of you!! i'll bet they're fab when all done! belated happy woyww! nan 117

Zildara said...

Wow, that's so creative! Will be coming back to see the results.