Saturday, 20 October 2012

In the Lap of the Glaze Gods ....

and they have been in a generous mood.

I couldn't sleep for the wandering just what was going on in that kiln (Murcury the Magnificent), so up early to find that the kiln could be opened and inspected - I was in my jimmy jams!!.

I know experts out there will wince in horror, but please bear in mind that this is the first time I have made/fired anything ceramic since I was about 12, I have had no lessons, I have taught myself by watching videos and reading one book on the subject.

I was really surprised that the colour the glaze is in the bottle, so most definitely not what I was expecting.  Test tiles most definitely will need to be done to give me some idea of what they come out like - probably, the glaze fired on its own, the glaze with a clear over the top and then when that is done paint a small section on the back of the unglazed colour with the glaze number written on it (I'm pretty certain you can get glaze pencils for me to write on them).

I am happy that with a little bit more practice some beads will be appearing in the shop for sale though.

Here's what the Gods' gave me:

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