Tuesday, 2 October 2012

OMG it's mahoosive!!!!!!!!!!

my new Kiln arrived this morning .......... so far I have unpacked the small box on top (which contained some circle thingies and two octagonal'ish kiln shelves and a pot of bat wash.

There's a large metal band around another smaller package and the actual kiln, but I can't find anything to cut it off with at the moment - so that will have to wait for the Rubbah Elf (he will need a helper to get it off the pallet too).  I had no idea it was that mahoosive, but there is room for it with a bit of jiggery pokery.  One of our new neighbours' is a potter, so any problems I am sure I can skip down the street to get help using it.

So far this morning I've:-

  • walked the Hound of East Sussex
  • moved furniture (our new sofas arrived last night)
  • taken a garden sofa down to the summer house 
  • moved stock from the workshop upstairs to the office (still quite a few boxes to go though)
  • shifted around some of the workshop furniture to make room for the kiln
I haven't

  • looked at the order situation
  • done my paperwork
  • thought about anything for dinner
  • eaten properly or had a shower
I've been told by the quack to rest ... but I haven't got time for that.

Happy Tuesday.



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