Saturday, 17 November 2012

... and the Work In Progress goes on ....

... and on, and on, and on.

So far I've only put on one of the lampwork round beads, but truthfully I'm not sure it goes, so I think I will just keep to the rock beads in the blue and brown tones.

I'm thinking that I will maybe replace the lobster claw bit of the clap with a ceramic something in brown or green tones as it is quite difficult to do up.

The half that I have done looks fuller in real life than it appears in the photo, but even so I think more beads of jump rings is required to really fill it out.  I'm not certain if I have sufficient rock beads, but not a problemo if not - I shall just make more.

Minxy, no clay in sight, but the rock beads are the fruit of my labour with it.  More clay to follow/bore you all to death next week as I need to make some pears and a pear tree!!

Happy Saturday Craflings'.



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Lottie said...

This is looking sooooo good