Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Brown Gloop rides again

or, as it should be know as, Heirloom Silver when it's glazed.

They've had two coats and I think I will add a spot of colour to the hearts to see if it shows up when glazed - not sure it will though!!

Just the rest of them to glaze this afternoon.  I'm on a new regime here and officially start work at 9.30 half hour for lunch and then in studio in the afternoon til 5 pm (break off for the school run) and then a couple of hours off and back in the studio.  The 9.30 start gives me time to do the school run, walk the dog and eat.

This morning has gone well, I've done the school run, a trip to the tip, food shopping and a mail run.  I'm now eating breakfast at my desk watching a bit of Guy Martin's "How Britain Worked" - now he ladies is a proper tasty bit of rough and ready!!.  I haven't got the dog to walk as Guy managed to get an early walk in with him and Guy will be picking Lou up as she has Japanese til 6 pm.  Also I don't have to cook the dinner today .... so bring on the paperwork and studio time.

Gratuitous eye-candy moment:

Happy Tuesday.



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Lottie said...

These are going to be stunning! My you have got yourself organised haven't you?

I have a Japanese daughter in law and our grandson speaks fluent Japanese, reads and writes it too in their calligraphy writing. I asked my son and d-i-l to please, please, please make him bilingual so that he as many opportunities in his life as possible. I never had the chance to learn a foreign language and really wish I had the opportunity.