Saturday, 3 November 2012

Glaze Gods Giveth .....

and sometimes taketh away ... but today they have been bountiful.............

from this

to this

I should have picked off the little bits from the glaze, as there are darker splodges on it, but there again poppies are not blemish free in real life are they?  See what I mean about the description of "Cranberry" these are a really pale pink colour, but beautiful nontheless.

From the brown gloop (Heirloom Silver)  .... to this

I might have mentioned in the earlier post that I put a brown crackle glaze on the hearts, but actually I shouldn't have bothered as it doesn't show up.  I am super happy with these, and my Mother (always on the mean side with praise) said they were lovely and would like something similar for the suit she is making.

In real life it is quite an two tone colour and very, very pretty.

Happy Saturday.




KatzElbows said...

Wow, someone really needs to explain to whoever names the glazes that cranberry is not that colour! But the brown goop is amazing. It must be very hard to trust that something amazing will happen, but it's definitely worth it.

Lottie said...

I am so in love with your poppies - completely, utterly, wistfully. What a stunning pendant they would make. Wish, wish, wish, I had a kiln

I'll just drool over yours and your stunning work.

Well done - truly