Friday, 16 November 2012

I was strangeley quiet yesterday because ....

...... I was shopping, YAY!!

I took the time to pop over to the Ceramic Supply Store near Tunbridge Wells, and whilst I was there felt it was rude not to just drop in to Hobby Craft.  I just got one or two bits, nothing super exciting to anybody but me really.

A set of leaf shaped cutters, a small Butterfuly cutter and a set of Broderie Anglaise cutters (perfect for hole cutting).  Also some silver plated wire, 8 mm jump rings and a Beadlaon Round Jump Ring Mandrel - I figured that as I am using soooo many jump rings, I might as well make my own.

I a brown glaze pencil, some glaze pigment, and two or three colour glazes, but as you will know they just look like brown gloop in the tub, so there's no point in showing you those.  I should make a note of the colours I bought though just for my own OCD'ish mind and will pop back in later to add the colour names etc.

*EDITED to add the glaze colours were Duncan Cover Coat Opaque in Orchid (CC139); Botz Brombeerrot (9637) it's a nice warm red colour and Botz Morning Dew Glossy (9540) a lovely green colour.

I've been busy running around all week, and then we went to watch Skyfall last night, so I need to find time either today or at the weekend to button down the UK STampers Round Button Swap and sort them out and get them off to the contributors.

I have to say I did enjoy the film, normally Daniel Craig doesn't do it for me as James Bond, but I felt he was a tiny bit more believable in this film, and all round the film was quite good - put it this way I stayed awake so it might have been not half bad, as I an renowned for falling asleep if I don't like it, i.e. Lord of the Rings I saw the first 5 minutes and slept through the rest.  The Hailsham Pavilion might have enhanced the viewing experience, it is such a lovely building - intimate and friendly - which has been beautifully restored.  I've actually volunteered to work as a Duty Manager there and am waiting to find out the details.

Happy Friday Craftlings'.




Lottie said...

What fabulous stash. You'll be such a busy bee

Soooooo looking forward to getting your 'buttons' the excitement is getting too much lol

I want to make pendants of a necklace out of yours - they look absolutely stunning

KatzElbows said...

I think we all buy things that we get excited about but no one else understands. Although I am excited for you; the broderie anglais cutters sound cool. Can't wait to see them in action.

Julia Dunnit said...

LAte for WOYWW so am commenting here! We share the same opinion of both films...Bond was never engaging until he started to hurt and bleed and feel his age. I was a bit cynical about the actual 'Skyfall' us your buttons love. Am not going to, but can easily see how you slipped into cermaics and needing a kiln. Ouf, I think Mr D would leave!!