Sunday, 11 November 2012

It's a DIS-AST-ER DARLING!!! when the Glaze Gods' are not happy

this is the cause of some sloppy glazing ... I was in a hurry and I'm fairly certain that I got glazed dribbled down the holes ... therefore they stuck fast to the bead rack rods they were suspended from.  I managed to get most of them off, but these three bit the bullet!!  Unfortunately, I haven't got any spare and will now have to make some more today, which means that I will hold up the UK STampers Button Swap I am hosting whilst I make new ones.

I think in future I will try putting bead release on the rods, it works when I make glass, and hopefully will stop this (this blighter isn't moving for anyone apparently!!).

Still, on the bright side the birds turned out really well - although not such a good photo:

they are really lovely in the flesh as it where!

Right, I'm off to help Guy get the new tumbledryer in place and cook Sunday Lunch.

Happy crafting.




Laura said...

I know they are broken but they STILL look good!

Lottie said...

Kay - just send the ones you have made - don't give yourself any more stress by making more. We would be happy with even one of your masterpieces.

Julia Dunnit said...

My word it's such a learning curve!! Love the little bird...and as Laura said, they may be the rejects, but they're great!!