Tuesday, 27 November 2012

WOYWW - Okay, Fail and Epic Fail

Busy doing mushrooms .... mushrooms sometimes are quite fun!

The first (done the other day) was Okay'ish:

the second the next day ... was a Fail'ish:

because I used some quite dry clay and some straight from the bag stuff, which as I tried to model got wetter.  I'd read that if that is the case then score and slip them well together, test the bond by trying to flip it off  (all was okay so far), and then place in some plastic wrapping - this is where it seemed to go horribly wrong:

and the whole mushroom top dropped off, leaving just the very centre bit.  Not to be put off, tonight I carved some little windows and a door in it, and sanded off the edges of the top piece --- and then my Fail become a perfect Fairy House when glazed.

Now for the EPIC FAIL:

M'Mother suggested that I also did a bird cane top .... well he took for ever to get any semblance of the right shape, and then I carved some feather type lines, eyes and a beak into him this evening.  He's also a bit on the wobbly side around the bottom.  The worst part, I think and I am sure you will ROFL along with me .... is his silly beaky grin ..... looks a bit like he's been interfered with in the shrubbery and needs to have a word with the RSPCA!

For good or bad, I'm going to go ahead and fire him, and then see what a bit of glaze does ... should give the recipient a good old chuckle too.  Although I think we can all agree that modelling with clay is not, definitely not, for forte ... will it stop me ...... probably not.

For far more sensible projects .... hop off to Fair Queen Julia's WOYWW post.

Happy Wednesday.




Lottie said...

I think that he is cute

okienurse said...

WTG! A fairy house out of a fail! Awesome! I think the bird is cute too and like you say his grin does have a aspect that he knows more then he is telling! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great week. Vickie #3

scrappymo! said...

He looks kinda cute but the fairy house was your best idea there!!! Good thinking, girl!

Sunshine Girl said...

Oooh I love them both - isnt it lovely when you can make a masterpiece out of a disaster, I love it when that happens. Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl #25

MiniOwner said...

Aww I love his grin! I like the idea of the fairy house, too. Happy Wednesday. :o)
Sue x (MiniOwner@41)

Annie said...

I rather like your clay makes and as they say you WILL bet better hehehe
A x #42
ps I'm hoping you will 'like' us and share us with your friends. [check out my blog for more info]

Lou said...

I think they are good, Im terrible with clay, I gave up in the end as I just couldn't get the results I wanted so am very impressed.

Loving the fairy house :)


Lou #52

Glenda said...

Oh how creative you are. Love the bird!

Helen said...

Your bird has character! He needs a crazy glaze job to celebrate his grin!!! Don't give up. Happy WOYWWW to you from Helen 37

butlersabroad said...

Can only see the first photo for some reason but the little bird sounds really funny! Like the idea of the fairy house.

Brenda 94

Laura said...

Practice makes perfect!! Anyway I quite like the bird :)
Happy Wednesday,

Monica said...

it is the perfect seat for a fairy or a pixie.

Nan G said...

The fact that you use clay is beyond me! Love, oops, really cute house and not bad. The grin is fab...was does go on in those bushes?! :) Guess he's not telling. thanks for sharing all! Nan 114

Spyder said...

I love drawing mushrooms, and !!! many years ago I made a pottery night light mushroom...perhaps I will blog about it next week! Thanks for my snoop! sorry I'm so late, I'm away and blogger loses my comments!!Happy Very late woyww ((Lyn)) #28

Ps This weeks freebie mouse is here

KatzElbows said...

I love the bird. Love even more what you think happened to him in the shrubbery! The fairy house is delightful; don't tell anyone it began as a fail and they'll never know. Just beautiful.

Elizabeth said...

Your mushrooms are cute and remind me of the one my son made in Art at school ... I treasure it to this day and he is 43 now :) The bird is pretty cute too. I'm still making my late way round WOYWW land but enjoying the trip. Hope you are having a lovely weekend. Elizabeth x #67