Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Making Cupcakes

today, because it's my birthday and I need CAKE, and if I don't make it no other blighter will.

Although they won't look anything like the Buttercup Cake Shop ones above, they will probably taste ok - I'm just not that into decorating them.

Rob bought my a black market box of Lucky Charms, but apparently "..........it is not OK for an old lady to simply poor milk in the packet and eat them with their bare hands" - who knew I had bought them up so well - I shall wait until I am alone for that particular pleasure!

I've had some really lovely birthday pressies, which I will share tomorrow for WOYWW, but right now I'm off to ice my cupcakes.

Happy Tuesday.




Julia Dunnit said...

Many happy returns Kay! I have Lucky Carms all wrapped and ready to give as a pressie at Christmas...glad to read that they're so good! Hope you really enjoy them. And have a big piece of cake for me!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday!!
Enjoy your cake

Lottie said...

Wishing you a very very happy birthday - adn enjoy your goodies

Samantha Read said...

Happy Birthday Kay, enjoy your lovely looking cupcakes xxx