Thursday, 13 December 2012

Non-WOYWW Snapshot

No, it's not some kind of disgusting hot beverage .... it is in fact slip that has a little bit too much water and distilled vinegar in it.

It's not a problem though, as I've just dropped a bit more clay in (which has sunk to the bottom) and it will dry out soon enough.  This little mug of disgusting is what I use to attach pieces of greenware clay together as I work.

You basically score each piece and add slip to each bit as well, mush them (technical term) with the correct amount of force (depending on how delicate they each are) and clean away any oozing out slip - then depending on what you are doing swipe clay down/up from one piece to the other (or not as the case may be).  I then use the fingertip flip test to check that it will hold.  The two birds I made last night I was a bit lazy with, and forgot to slip their tails on - subsequently their tails broke off this morning when I was refining the holes.

One I managed to save and turn into a chick in an eggshell (with a nichrome loop stuffed in his noggin), but the other one went in that there slip cup.  That'll learn me!!!!

Happy Thursday.



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